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Learn to build modern web and mobile apps, advanced programming and databases

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Who is this course for?

Full-Stack refers to the all 3 layers that make a web or mobile app (UI, logic and database). In this course, you'll learn all 3.
If you like design, interactivity, fonts, colors, animations and working with designers on the user experience of a digital product, then this path may be for you.

As a front-end developer, you'll be dealing less with math, security and data, and more with creativity and visuals.
Front-End developers are some of the most saught-after and well paid coders today, as this position is highly in demand, due to interfaces becoming more and more sophisticated.


No prior experience in programming is required to attend this course. However it is helpful if you have an eye for detail, are passionate about visual arts and know your way around a computer.

For more information about tools and other requirements, please read our FAQ

What you'll learn

  • Structuring Web Interfaces with HTML5
  • Styling Web Interfaces with CSS3
  • Web Programming with JavaScript
  • Building Interactive and Responsive Layouts for mobile devices
  • Working with Frameworks, such as Bootstrap and Material UI
  • Working with external data from APIs
  • Creating modern interfaces with ReactJS
  • Building mobile Apps for iOS and Android with React Native
  • Optimizing Web Apps for performance
  • Project Management with Git and GitHub
  • Testing code with Mocha and Chai
  • Basics of SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
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8 Weeks


USD 3,500